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Are you a parent who feels stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and frazzled?

Is it effecting your family life, leaving you feeling stuck, resentful, disillusioned and sad?

Does your child also struggle with anxiety, stress or overwhelm?

If you give me your time and attention,
I can help

"I loved your message, it's so true, but no one dares to challenge us parents about it."
Audience member of a talk


We’re living life faster than ever, always rushing to the next thing to then rush from, panicking we’ll be late to get there and frustrated when others are holding us up. This has a great cost for both our and our children’s health and happiness. Initially working with young people who were struggling with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, it quickly became clear how much of that was actually not theirs, but what they were feeling from their parents. Let’s face it, life is stressful, and as a parent, you are often so focused on your children’s well-being that you forget about your own. But, your well-being affects your children’s too because your energy will always be felt by those closest to you, and yes, no matter how good you think you might be at hiding it.

the best way you can help your child with their anxiety, stress and overwhelm is to work on your own first, so…

How often are you rushing around?

How many times a day do you feel frustrated because others are holding you up?

How many cups of caffeine do you need just to get through the day?

When was the last time you really took time for yourself?

If you were to rate your stress, anxiety and overwhelm out of 10 what would they be?

We need to change the message around self-care from a luxury to a necessity.

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it's essential. Your family deserve the best of you, and you cannot be there fully for them if you are frazzled, exhausted and burnt out.


  • How many days have you had off work because of yours or your child’s anxiety, stress or overwhelm?
  • How many hours are you spending worrying each day?
  • How many relationships are frayed because your patience is exhausted?
  • How is this affecting your home life?
  • Are you truly happy right now? 

 What if it could be different?


What could yours and your family’s life look and feel like?

How could your relationships change?

What could be the impact on yours and your family’s overall health and happiness?

you have far more control over how you and your family live your life than you currently believe.

Imagine yourself…

  • Waking up everyday feeling energised and excited about life.
  • Being fully present with your family and focused at work.
  • Having happy and harmonious relationships.
  • Having fun again.


  • Feeling calmer.
  • Having less anxiety in new situations.
  • Having better relationships at home, and at school.
  • Feeling more confident and being more independent.
  • Trying new things.
  • Feeling happier, having fun and laughing more.

You can have all these things and more if you're prepared to make the changes.

It's not just one thing that will fix your stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It needs a whole person and a whole life approach, and that's what you get from me.

Drawing from my own lived experience of and overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm, my work with Student Breakthrough and mindfulness and meditation techniques, I have created my Anxiety Exit framework which helps both parents and their children to decrease anxiety, stress and overwhelm in their daily lives and increase calm and happiness so that they can live their life not just survive their life.

I work with both children and their parents in the following ways:

  • Public Speaking – As an inspirational and motivational speaker, I deliver talks, Keynotes and teachings on topics around anxiety, stress and overwhelm focusing on self-confidence, self-esteem, personal development, mindfulness, relaxation and slow living to parents in the workplace and also to parents and families in the community at a range of events and retreats. I draw from both my own experience managing and overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and the experiences of the wonderful clients who I have been so blessed to have worked with.  I’m a warm and engaging speaker, though I’m also not afraid to give a hard truth or two, but my light-hearted delivery leaves my audiences engaged, inspired and motivated.
  • In Person Group programs – A holistic approach combining coaching, nervous system regulation, mindfulness, meditation and much more. These are fun and engaging sessions. They can be delivered in the workplace for a set number of weeks or months, and also as separate workshops delivered at community events and retreats, to either just parents or to the whole family.
  • Monthly Online Membership – A way for parents who have previously taken one of my workshops to continue to have support, accountability and guidance both from myself and from a community of like-minded people as they implement the things they have learned. It’s also a great way to build a new network of supportive friends.
  • 1:1 coaching online – For parents and children who need more of a personalised approach or who prefer a 1:1 setting.

TESTIMONIALS for both adults and children's coaching

Parent of 14-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"It wasn't until Kelly pointed it out, but I never thought that my own stress and anxiety could be the reason my daughter was struggling with anxiety, but of course, that makes perfect sense."
Adult coaching coaching client and parent of 13-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"I loved your message, it's so true, but no one dares to challenge us parents about it."
Audience member of a talk
"The most important thing I learned was that in running around trying to do everything, I was driving mine and my children's anxiety."
Adult group coaching client
"I got so much from your talk today. It both inspired me and gave me easy to implement steps, thank you"
Audience member of a talk
"You are very friendly, calm and supportive and have clearly managed to overcome anxiety yourself, so you know what works and what doesn’t."
Adult group coaching client
"I loved the calmness of the sessions, and feeling free to talk about what you're thinking"
Adult group coaching coaching client
"Through Kelly’s coaching techniques, she improved her social skills and really came out of her shell. She just seemed happier all round - which came as a great relief to us."
Parent of 14-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"Being a coach myself, I knew the benefits of coaching and felt my daughter would benefit more from having an external coach rather than myself. Kelly’s calm and gentle approach helped her open up quickly, and the coaching methods allowed her to find solutions and think more positively. Kelly is an amazing coach for young people."
Jin, Magical Mind Coaching
Parent of 9-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"Giving our daughter the opportunity to meet and talk so openly with Kelly over 11 weeks changed our daughter's life. She has found her confidence and believes in herself once again, and found a wonderful independence that has had such a powerful and positive impact on our family. Thank you so much for all that you do."
Claire & Andy
Parents of 14-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"Kelly’s help has really enabled my daughter to develop a really nice, new friendship group at school. Kelly has been a great support for my daughter and has given her the tools to feel better in herself."
Parent of 14-year-old 1:1 coaching client
"The coaching experience for my daughter has been amazing. Longer term, she is thriving and has a renewed energy and motivation. She now recognises when she is experiencing feelings of overwhelm and has tools to help her."
Parent of 16-year-old 1:1 client.
"I had noticed so many positive results. In my opinion, it was absolutely worth the time and effort to take these coaching sessions, as I'm so much better off."
19-years-old 1:1 coaching client
"I wanted to learn how to deal positively with difficult situations. I also learnt about the importance of not giving up and not doubting yourself"
17-year-old group coaching client
"She has mentioned the sessions more than once. I found it very calming and helpful for her. She certainly came away with some good strategies, as a mum I feel I can trust her instincts more."
Parent of 15-year-old group coaching client.

About me


I was that shy, quiet child who never spoke in class and constantly worried what others thought of her. Who was bullied, struggled to make friends, and found speaking in class and to her peers almost impossible. And, who suffered with crippling health anxiety and OCD into adulthood. Who as an adult was a workaholic, taking on too much, rushing around, and frustrated with anyone and anything that got in her way. Now, however, things couldn't be more different. Despite being told at 16 that I was too old for a career in dance, and although still very shy and anxious, I went on to dance professionally and eventually run and teach at my own dance school specialising in ballet, tap and modern dance. After overcoming my own anxiety, stress and overwhelm in 2020 I started working with young people to help them do the same, but I quickly realised that a lot of what my clients were feeling were not their emotions, but what they were picking up on from their parents. That’s when I realised that if I really want to help young people then I also need to help their parents, and so I started working with parents too to help them better manage their daily stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I now do a lot of work with parents both in the workplace and in the community at a range of events and retreats, and I also work with parents and their children together in the community through talks and workshops. I don't believe that overcoming anxiety, stress or overwhelm has to be a long, hard road full of hours of therapy and medication. Whilst in some circumstances they may well have their place, my clients and I are living proof that it can be done without these things. Overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm is actually a lot easier than most people think, but the human mind loves to overcomplicate things and tell us it has to be hard. It doesn't. Most often there is actually so much we can do naturally, and most importantly, it can be fun!

You have the power to change yours and your children's life, let me show you how.

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