Kelly Rae Parker

Hi I’m Kelly,

I’m a life coach specialising in helping teens and young adults to learn about themselves on a deeper level so that they can overcome anxiety, build a great relationship with themselves and develop unshakeable confidence and self-belief. I love learning and growing, and so I’m currently undertaking a specialised student coaching qualification with Student Breakthrough. As well as this, I also coach creative types who want to make an impact in the world. I help them to gain clarity and find their voice and communication style through my life coaching with public speaking program.

As a result of being bullied for seven years of my school life, as a young person I was incredibly shy and had very little self-confidence. Speaking to people was difficult for me, and I suffered from health anxiety. After a near breakdown in 2014 when I realised I was so unhappy in the business I’d spent many years working toward, I found a TedTalk by the late Scott Dinsmore “How to Find and Do Work You Love” That talk changed everything. It gave me hope. I started to see a coach, and that’s when I realised the power that coaching has to help someone to understand themselves better, and change their life. It’s led me on an incredible journey of growth and learning that I’m sure will be lifelong, and brought many amazing people into my life whose love, encouragement and support I’m truly grateful for. 

I believe we were all born with the answers we need to live our lives and fulfil our full potential. These answers are inside us all and can be unlocked by knowing yourself on a deeper level. Every single one of us is capable of doing this. Knowing yourself is at the heart of everything I do. We are all so wonderfully unique. A life built around you and what lights you up is the best way to create a life you’ll be excited to wake up for.


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