Helping you gain the courage to embrace your true self and start living a life YOU'RE excited about

If you've ever thought "Is this all there is?" you're in the right place

Do you catch yourself envying those people who have the freedom to create their own lives? Not tied by the same rules as everyone else.

The truth is you’ve never really felt you fit in. You’ve always been aware that you think and feel differently from those around you. Your family and friends refer to you as the quirky one, the one who thinks differently, maybe even a rebel. You’re successful in your work and life and everyone tells you you should be happy, but the truth is you don’t feel it. You feel bored, restless and unfulfilled, and your days are filled with escaping into daydreams, watching videos of people living the life you dream of and fantasising over how you’d do it.

The lives of those around you don’t excite you. You feel frustrated and bored with the same conversations and routines. When  friends and family talk about their lives and the future whether it’s plans for Christmas, next year’s holiday or where you’ll all be in five years you feel frustrated, panicked, and trapped. It’s not what you want.

You’re constantly going back and forth in your mind trying to see if you could just be happy with the status quo. You’ve wondered if maybe you just think you want something different but that the reality would be disappointing, but you also feel you owe it to yourself to try and fear the regret of never trying. But where would you even start?

You want certainty about what you really want. The energy and courage to go after it, but right now you feel so overwhelmed and trapped between by your own thoughts and your life that you can’t think clearly.

Un-become who the world told you to be so you can become who you were supposed to be

It’s time you took control

This program can get you the answers you need and give you back control of your life to:

  • Ditch the confusion, frustration and unhappiness and instead know exactly what you want in your life and work.
  • Stop feeling disappointed and underwhelmed with your life and start creating one that feels exciting to you.
  • Stop the feeling of panic and regret that you’ll never have the life you dream of, make the impact you want to make, or that your time is running out.


  • Get a clearer picture of what you want and start creating a plan to get it.
  • Know how to align your work and life with your personality, strengths and vision, so you feel more peace, calm and inflow throughout the day.
  • No more FOMO or fear of regret, have the courage to trust YOUR gut and go for what you really want, and yes, even if those around you think you’re crazy. 
  • Have the mental and physical energy to accomplish your goals – change requires A LOT of energy, we need to make sure you’re not only doing the basics of nutrition, sleep and exercise to keep your energy strong but that you are also protecting your energy from people, places and situations that have a negative or draining effect on you. 
  • Know what to say YES and what to say NO to.

Outcomes you can expect are, starting a new career, launching your dream business, taking back control of your time, the freedom to design your days to suit your personality and work style. If you need more flexibility, fun, challenge, variety or even to work from home in your underpants you can craft that into your days. Just remember to put your trousers on before opening the door to the postman!  

Start to feel more alive, zestful and sure about what you want and excited about your future whether you decide to change careers, launch your dream business or even move to the other side of the world, with this program you have the chance to take back control, be the captain of your own life and feel great doing it.

There’s no “right way” to live your life. The status quo is not law, if it doesn’t excite you break it!

We live in such an exciting time where we are free to create our own lives. People are living previously  unimaginable personal and work lives. There’s a reason you feel the pull you do, it’s because this dream was meant for you. Trust yourself and take it. How much better would that life be?

What’s Included:

  • 16×75-minute coaching sessions to get clear on who you are and what you want, then aligning your work and life with that. How to use your personality to optimise your energy, productivity and courage to go after what you want and an action plan for the next 6-12 months to get it.
  • Challenges between sessions to put into action on the things we discuss and get you moving quickly towards your goals.
  • 16 weeks of voice and email coaching where you can ask me questions and get feedback to keep you accountable and in momentum throughout

If this is something you’re excited about, and you want to start creating and living YOUR fulfilling and exciting life NOW, then I’d like to gift you with an initial FREE NO OBLIGATION 75-minute clarity session. In this session we will dive deep into where you are now, what’s potentially blocking you and ultimately see if this program is the right fit for you.

Get this special offer before it finishes

Stop trying to fit in, instead create a life that fits you!

"Kelly is an amazing coach who helps you align with your highest potential & true self. She is great at asking the right questions, listening empathetically and helping you find what works for you. During the 12-week coaching programme I experienced a transformation I couldn’t imagine possible beforehand. My whole life changed for the positive on different levels and I feel so much more happy and confident now. Thank you, Kelly! Xx"
Heta Salkolahti
Freelance musician and filmmaker
“I first spoke to Kelly because I was finishing school and all my friends were going to university, but I didn't feel it was right for me. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. It was a very difficult time for me and I definitely felt pressure from school, parents and friends to make a decision. At first, I was a little shy to ask Kelly for help in this area of my life because I'd only ever known her as my dance teacher and not a coach, but I also knew that she was always kind, keen to listen when we had a problem, and she didn't think the same way as everyone else.  I'm really happy I trusted my intuition and decided to speak to Kelly. When we've been speaking about changing jobs or direction in life she has always told me to go for it and not get stuck being unhappy, that has been good. Kelly always tells me it should be on my own terms and not trying to please everyone else. Both of these have been really great pieces of advice and I'm really happy I reached out to Kelly.  She's given me the confidence to trust in myself, to know that it's ok to change my mind or move away from what isn't right for me, and to go for what I really want.  If you're thinking about working with Kelly I say go for it! I'm very happy I did, and I'm confident you'll have a great experience just as I did.”
Elie Ball
Trainee Nurse

About me

Helping people discover themselves, who they truly are, what they want, dream big and then have the courage, confidence and self-belief to be themselves and go after that dream.

Kelly Rae Parker

I’m a life coach for people like you who feel unfulfilled by their current reality. Who want more from their life and need a little help figuring out what that “more” is for them. I believe that to have a life you love and that fulfils you you need to align your personality, strengths and values. Anyone can create a life they love, but it requires you to know who you are and what you want on a deeper level. This is behind everything I do. We are all so wonderfully unique. A life built around you and your vision is the best way to create a life you’ll be excited to wake up for.

Your ticket to the freedom, variety and fun you crave is right here for you

It’s time to stop putting your fulfilment on the shelf. It’s time to ditch the rule book and start creating your dream life.

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