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If your focus is on helping your child to better understand themselves, grow in confidence and reduce anxiety, you’re in the right place 

Giving young people the skills and confidence to take charge of and transform their lives. 

Your child means the world to you. I’m known for creating an environment in which young people quickly feel comfortable and open up. When I ask them if I’m scary, they normally laugh 😀 My coaching style is friendly and relaxed whilst helping parents and guardians to feel at ease by communication around their child’s action steps after each coaching session, and being available via message or email to both the parent/s and the young person between sessions.

The young person is in charge of what they focus on in each session. Because coaching focuses on the present and future, sessions are positive, fun and fast-paced. The young person decides at the end of each session what action steps they would like to take to move them closer to their 90-day outcomes that they set for themselves at the beginning of their coaching program. It’s incredibly empowering for young people to be the ones deciding on their own outcomes and action steps.  

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