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Skyrocketing young people's self-confidence through fun, fast and interactive sessions.

Does your child…

Struggle to make friends?

Constantly doubt their abilities?

Feel anxious and overwhelmed in new situations?

Are you…

Feeling anxious during the school day and anticipating the evening?

Constantly worrying over your child’s friendships?

Feeling the strain at home?


Improving self-confidence doesn’t have to be a long, hard road. In these fun, fast and interactive workshops, we will boost your child’s confidence so that they can feel happier, less anxious and step into their best future.


What are the benefits of learning these skills for your child…

  • Make friends and improve relationships 
  • Feel less anxious and overwhelmed
  • Become more resilient 
  • Improve their grades and enjoy school

What are the benefits for parents…

  • Peace of mind that your child is happy at school
  • Happier home life
  • No more dreading the weekdays 
  • Happier household relationships 


Why are we different? 

Counselling and other talking therapies can, at times, feel scary to young people.  

Creative Confidence Coaching was formed to be a more fun, fast and interactive way for young people to overcome low self-confidence. We use group coaching, role-play, movement, storytelling and much more to help young people skyrocket their confidence and overcome anxiety.

The workshop consists of seven one-hour in-person sessions with fun challenges set in between designed to fast-track self-confidence, PLUS voice and text message access to me across the 7 weeks for extra support where needed.


Remember, real confidence comes from knowing who you are and liking that person.

“The Coaching experience has been amazing. After two sessions she started coming out of herself, as the weeks progressed her confidence grew.”
Dad of 16-year-old client.
“We noticed a steady change in her self-esteem and self-acceptance. She improved her social skills and really came out of her shell. She just seemed happier all round- which came as a great relief to us”
Mum of 14-year-old client
“It was absolutely worth the time and effort to make these coaching sessions as I’m so much better off”
Student, 17 years old.
I know she benefited lots. She was very positive about the whole experience.
Mum of 15-year-old client.
I prefer group sessions as you get to hear other people’s experiences, which is always helpful.
Student, 16-years- old



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