Helping young people grow in self-confidence, so they can feel happier, less anxious and step into their best future.

Helping young people through fun and interactive workshops and coaching.

Your child isn't growing up in the same world you did.

Many of us can relate to feeling shy and lacking self-confidence as a child. Most of my time at school was spent hiding in the toilet at breaktimes because I didn’t have anyone to talk to. For young people these days, it’s even harder. In the palm of their hand they hold a window showing them what they lack, bullies can reach them anytime anywhere and found in their 2021 COVID-19 survey that 67% of 13-25 year olds believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

This world changes faster and is more uncertain. With challenges you never had to face growing up, you worry whether your child will be equipped to handle all that now and the future might throw at them 

What could it be like if your child saw themselves the way you see them?

My workshops and coaching programs are based around my 3-step Become, Build, Believe program that helps young people to learn who they are, build a growth mindset and a friendship with  themselves and most importantly, start to believe in themselves.


  • Stop feelings of low confidence and self-esteem
  • Stop feeling anxious in social situations
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by the expectations put on them by our education system.
  • Stop the stress and confusion about the future for a clearer vision of what they want, and how to get there. 


  • Love who they are.
  • Recognise their strengths.
  • Have the confidence to make friends. 
  • Cope with change and challenges.
  • Extend love and respect towards themselves.
  • Learn a positive mindset around failure.
  • Learn to connect with and trust their intuition to know what’s right for them.
  • Feel happier and less anxious
  • Have the mental and physical energy to accomplish their goals.

Just some of the outcomes you can expect are: Making friends, grades improving, increased confidence, feeling happier at school/college/Uni/work, increase in motivation, improved ability to cope with pressure and stress,  improved organisation. 

My workshops and coaching help to empower young people to be the driver of their own life. To feel calmer, happier and more excited about now and the future.



  • Group talks and workshops centred around my 3-step Become, Build, Believe program.
  • These workshops are for schools and colleges; dance, drama and theatre schools or any group that caters for young people from 12 to 25 years of age. 
  • Workshops can be taken indiviually which would focus on just one of the 3 steps, or for best results as a series of workshops that would cover all 3 steps of the program.
  • Fun and interactive with an emphasis on group work.

If you think this would be a great fit for your child, and you’d like to find out more, reach out and let’s arrange a no obligation chat.


  • 12×60-75-minute coaching sessions that are focused on their goals. Sessions are fun, fast- paced and use questions and tools designed to help them gain deep personal insights and breakthroughs.
  • Small goals or action steps set between sessions to help them make faster progress to toward their bigger goals.
  • 12 weeks of voice and email coaching where they can ask me questions and get feedback between sessions to keep them accountable and in momentum throughout.

If you think this would be a great fit for your child, and you’d like to find out more, reach out and let’s arrange a no obligation chat.

"The coaching experience for my daughter has been amazing. She was experiencing high levels of anxiety and lack of confidence. This was mainly due to the COVID situation and lockdown, the uncertainty around GCSE’s and the overall disruption to schooling. We were provided with helpful information on the programme and an initial call was really useful to explain more about the process. I noticed within 2 sessions she was beginning to come out of herself a little. She was becoming more open about how she was feeling and seemed to be more energised. She had been in a bit of a negative mindset, focussing on her worries, but was now becoming less consumed by her situation. The weekly tasks she had identified gave her some much-needed direction and as the weeks progressed, her confidence grew. I noted at around week 6 or 7 she was able to observe the stress and anxiety being experienced by her friends and was able to state that she didn’t herself feel that way. It was like she had become detached from those feelings and was now in a much more positive headspace. Longer term, she is thriving and has a renewed energy and motivation. She has completed her exams and has been able to prepare in an organised and calm manner. She is developing healthy routines, going to the gym and playing her netball, she has arranged a part-time job. Overall, she is in a really healthy headspace. She is now able to recognise when she is experiencing feelings of overwhelm and has tools to help her."
Parent of 16-year-old client.
"After seeing Kelly for a while, I had noticed so many positive results from the sessions. She helped me realise things about my attitudes towards work and life so that I was able to work on them and be better. In my opinion, it was absolutely worth the time and effort to take these coaching sessions, as I'm so much better off."
Student, 19-years-old.
"I wanted to learn how to deal positively with difficult situations. I also learnt about the importance of not giving up and doubting yourself"
Student, 17 years old.
"She has mentioned the sessions more than once when talking about how she is coping. For me, I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to think about HOW she was going to manage her workload this lockdown. As a teacher, I've been trying to see this as an opportunity for the young people to become independent learners, so something that helped her seemed a good idea. I found it very calming and helpful for Tabby. She certainly came away with some good strategies, and I guess my experience as a mum is I feel I can trust her instincts a bit more on how much she should be doing."
Parent of 15-year-old client.
"My Main motivation to take the program was rooted in me not doing as well as I've liked in my year 13 exams as a result of not planning my time, or setting goals in the right way. I felt lockdown would be the perfect chance to use the time to come back better and stronger by properly setting new goals, uncovering what really motivates me, and using my time effectively."
Student, 19 years old

About me

Empowering young people to proudly step into who they are, and to have the courage and confidence to go after their dreams.

Kelly Rae Parker

I’m an ex-dance teacher turned life coach specialising in helping teens and young adults to grow in self-confidence so that they feel happier and less anxious. I do this through fun and interactive workshops and coaching designed to help them learn about themselves on a deeper level, build a great relationship with themselves and develop unshakeable confidence and self-belief. I love learning and growing, and so I'm currently undertaking a specialised student coaching qualification with Student Breakthrough. As well as this, I also use tools such as Myers-Briggs, enneagram and The VIA Institute of characters strengths in my coaching to name a few, used in the right way these really help young people to deepen their knowledge of who they are. I believe we were all born with the answers we need to live our lives and fulfil our full potential. These answers are inside us all and can be unlocked by knowing yourself on a deeper level. Knowing yourself is at the heart of everything I do. We are all so wonderfully unique. A life built around you and what lights you up is the best way to develop self-confidence and create a life you’ll be excited to wake up for.

Your child has everything they need to succeed inside them, let's help them to bring it out.

Learning who YOU are is more useful and rewarding than any anything you'll ever learn at school. Ssh! don't tell anyone I said that 😉

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