Revolutionising self-esteem and self-confidence building for young women.




Is your child:

Comparing themselves to others?

Struggling with their friendships?

Worrying about getting things wrong?

Feeing anxious in new situations?

If so, I can help 

Helping girls to build self-esteem and become the happiest version of themselves.

Everything I do is based on my 3-step Build, Believe, Become framework to help young people to build self-esteem, let go of comparison and learn to love and accept themselves.

This includes:

  • 1:1 coaching online – Combining creativity and coaching techniques to deliver fun and engaging sessions that help your child to build their confidence in a one to one setting.
  • Workshops for dance, drama and theatre schools Complimenting your child’s regular classes to help them to grow in self-confidence. They are fast-paced and interactive. With group work, movement, mindfulness and most importantly, fun! 
  • Mindful Movement & Creative Confidence classes – Combining movement, role-play and self-confidence building. These are fun and interactive small group classes that expand on the workshops and run for a set number of weeks.

By working with me, your child will

  • Know how to harness their inner self-confidence.
  • Build their self-esteem.
  • Stop unfairly comparing themselves to others. 
  • Develop their self-belief.
  • Find their self-acceptance. 
  • Feel less anxious in new situations. 


  • Love the person they are.
  • Become their own best friend and biggest cheerleader.
  • Improve their relationships and friendships.
  • Increase their motivation and try new things.
  • Feel happier all around.

According to The Prince’s Trust, Tesco Youth Index 2021, 50% of young people said their mental health has worsened since the start of the pandemic. Let’s change that! 


Parent of 14-year-old coaching client
"Through Kelly’s coaching techniques, she improved her social skills and really came out of her shell. She just seemed happier all round - which came as a great relief to us."
Parent of 14-year-old coaching client
"Kelly’s help has really enabled my daughter to develop a really nice, new friendship group at school. Kelly has been a great support for my daughter and has given her the tools to feel better in herself."
Parent of 14-year-old coaching client
"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me over the last decade. I've loved having you as a teacher, and thanks to you, I am not only a better dancer but a more confident person in general."
13-year-old student
"The coaching experience for my daughter has been amazing. Longer term, she is thriving and has a renewed energy and motivation. She now recognises when she is experiencing feelings of overwhelm and has tools to help her."
Parent of 16-year-old client.
"I had noticed so many positive results. In my opinion, it was absolutely worth the time and effort to take these coaching sessions, as I'm so much better off."
19-years-old student
"I wanted to learn how to deal positively with difficult situations. I also learnt about the importance of not giving up and not doubting yourself"
17-year-old student
"She has mentioned the sessions more than once. I found it very calming and helpful for her. She certainly came away with some good strategies, as a mum I feel I can trust her instincts more."
Parent of 15-year-old client.

About me


I was that shy, quiet child who never spoke in class and constantly worried what others thought of her. Who was bullied, struggled to make friends, and found speaking in class and to her peers almost impossible. However, now things couldn't be more different. After being told at 16 that I was too old for a career in dance, I went on to dance professionally and eventually run and teach at my own dance school specialising in ballet, tap and modern. Whilst teaching dance, I realised my passion for helping young people to grow in self-confidence, overcome shyness and start to believe in themselves. I passed my dance school on at the end of 2020 to become a qualified student life coach, specialising in helping young people to develop their self-esteem and grow in self-confidence so that they can feel happier and less anxious. I still teach ISTD and RAD dance classes and am now blending movement, acting and traditional coaching to revolutionise confidence and emotional health support for young people. I help them to let go of comparison and learn to love and accept themselves and in doing so become the happiest version of themselves both inside and outside the dance studio. I believe that you are far more capable than you think, you might just sometimes need a little help.

Your child has everything they need to succeed inside them, let's help them to bring it out.

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